Your technology marketing partner.

MDC principal, Melanie Dukas, is a skilled technology marketer and communicator. That’s why you don’t have to educate MDC about your business. With experience working in semiconductors, electronics, nanotechnology, fiber optics, thin films, biotechnology and more, MDC can handle all of your marketing communications needs. You’re in good hands with talented people who know your world, save you time and help generate revenue.

You win with our process.

We start with our knowledge of your industry. Then we develop the strategy that best suits your communications objectives. Your website and all marketing materials evolve as we integrate your goals with our expertise. Our goal is to maximize your impact, leads and sales. You benefit by saving time, saving money and experiencing new revenue streams.

We make everything easy for you.

Revamping your website can be a daunting process. Your products and services are complicated and you may not know where to begin. Let MDC do it for you. We can build your website and all content with minimum input from you. All you have to do is approve and make changes. We do the rest.

Content for science and technology companies. Like yours.

Content is what brings search engines to your website and keeps them there. MDC creates content that attracts search engines and adds value to your brand. We also help sell your product with content for data sheets, printed literature, advertising and more.

Make your communications work harder for you.

MDC knows how to market and sell science and technology products and services on the web, in literature and in advertising. We’ll craft a strategy that leads customers through the sales process, builds your brand and generates revenue.

MDC Services

  • Website Development and Management
  • Content Development and Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations