Developing a unique selling proposition

By June 24, 2019 June 26th, 2019 Content Development, Marketing Communications

Why Marketing Matters

Many companies think of marketing as an optional expense in a bare bones economy. Instead of hiring an experienced marketing communications manager, they delegate marketing activities to inexperienced employees and just do the minimum, if anything at all. As a result of this non-strategy marketing, marketing materials appear fragmented, opportunities are missed, and dollars are wasted. This is unfortunate, because marketing is one of the few expenses that can actually increase revenue.

Focus your company’s marketing efforts
Whatever your marketing budget, you can increase results with a focused marketing communications strategy. With the right strategy, your marketing program will get better results, whatever your budget. Any advertising or marketing program begins with a communications strategy. In my experience working in advertising agencies, if the communications strategy was on target, the agency produced a successful campaign that resonated with the client, and everyone was happy. If not, the campaign seemed to miss the mark and it was back to the drawing board. No one really knew why.

Differentiate your products with a unique selling proposition
The first and most important step in developing a communications strategy is to create a key marketing message or unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competition. Without a key benefit, there’s no compelling reason to buy from you and the only way your prospects can determine your value is to compare prices. Increase the value of your company’s products or services with a key benefit that separates you from your competition, and you can demand a higher price for your product.

A unique selling proposition can be defined as:
The one factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.

A unique selling proposition is the key to the success of your marketing communications program. Also known as a key marketing message, a unique selling proposition is the ONE thing that your company’s product or service can do better than any other company on the planet. If possible, relate this benefit to your customer’s bottom line or demonstrate a monetary advantage somehow to make it a bottom line benefit.

Once you define your company’s unique selling proposition, the elements of your marketing program will come together. Instead of a fragmented message, you’ll know how to focus your marketing messaging and materials. If you are working with a professional writer or agency, your marketing materials will be on target and resonate with your customers and prospects. Even the most complicated technology or product can be marketed more effectively with the right strategy. The trick is to identify the one big benefit.

How to use your key marketing message
• Weave it throughout your website, press releases and literature
• Put it on your PowerPoint presentations
• Create a tagline with it
• Give it to your ad agency or creative team
• Put it on your trade show graphics

Keep your marketing messages focused on the key marketing message or selling point. Speak to your customers in language they understand about how your product or service can solve their problem or increase their bottom line and why, always stressing your key bottom line benefit or unique selling proposition.

Need help identifying your company’s unique selling proposition?
Most small technology companies don’t have the budget for a marketing communications manager to guide them through this process. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees, and working with a marketing professional that understands your industry makes all the difference in the world. At MDC Techmarketing, every project begins with the identification of a key marketing message that speaks to your customers and prospects in their language. We can help you lead your customers through the buying process to increase sales. Call 978-921-2650 for a free consultation.