Your technology is in our blood.

Whatever your technology—semiconductors, thin films, nanotechnology, vacuum technology, fiber optics, biotechnology, spectroscopy, chromatography, life sciences, medical—MDC speaks it. You won’t have to waste time teaching us about your technology and industries. We get it.

Technology marketing. That’s us.

MDC translates technical jargon into clear, concise marketing tools your customers understand. We’ll help you sell your technology products in different industries with websites and marketing materials that work together to grow your business.

We love marketing technology products.

It’s in our blood. We don’t think technology should be boring. And we’re not scared off by technical jargon. In short, we embrace technological products and services and find them exciting. We also know there’s a big need for marcom in so many technology companies. You need the kind of marcom expertise that in-house engineers just can’t provide. That’s where we come in.

A wealth of technology marketing experience.

MDC Techmarketing is a full-service virtual agency led by technology marketing expert Melanie Dukas. As a virtual agency, MDC has the flexibility to choose the best team for each project, or to work with your in-house team. Whether you need a high-concept advertising campaign, technology branding and positioning, or simply a small project, MDC can help. We’ll assemble the perfect team to meet your marketing goals and your budget.

Meet Melanie Dukas, principal.

Melanie DukasFrom ad agencies in Manhattan and Massachusetts, to publishing, to marketing communications at several start-ups, Melanie Dukas has worked the full spectrum of marketing communications on both the client and the agency side. Melanie has managed the creative process in many different capacities—at ad agencies, through the development of ad campaigns for her clients at Cahners Publishing, as marketing communications manager at several start-ups and in her own agencies.

Melanie developed a passion for technology while working at R&D Magazine. She knew technology companies had a hard time creating effective marketing materials because no one understood their technologies. Melanie left R&D in 1994 to start Marketing Options, a virtual agency for technology companies. As principal of Marketing Options, she honed her writing skills by translating clients’ technologies and products into language her creative staff could understand. This process saved clients time and resulted in cost-effective, high quality marketing tools that were on target.

During the high-tech boom, Melanie left Marketing Options to work on the client side as marketing communications manager for several fiber optic start-ups. After the bubble burst, Melanie started Melanie Dukas Communications(MDC). In 2015, MDC became MDC TechMarketing.